IDEO 16-17

You have lost interest in school?
You are maybe even planning to drop out?
You worry about your future?
IDEO 16-17 is for you!

IDEO 16-17 provides help to young people (16 and 17 years old) who are struggling to achieve their goals (whether it is to acquire self-efficiency or to succeed in a personal or a professional project).


IDEO 16-17 can help you:

  • To find a job;
  • To go on with your High School studies;
  • To choose an occupation that suits you;
  • To gain work experience;
  • To guide you with specialized services if you are having different problems (alcohol, drug use, apartment…).

Here are a few examples of what you can do at IDEO 16-17:

  • Visit school or business;
  • Get help to find a job;
  • Get help for job search activities (techniques, tools, resources);
  • Self-knowledge;
  • Development of motivation and perseverance;
  • Volunteering activities, training course, “student for a day experience”, discovery days.

For more information, contact:

Roxanne (Granby)

 (450) 776-7700 | ext. 226

Valérie (Cowansville)

 (450) 266-0993 | ext. 23
1 877 CJE-1635

Come see us!